The traditional company Michèle Fashion GmbH with its headquarters in Mönchengladbach was founded as early as 1921. MICHÈLE has established itself as a premium trousers brand for women with a passion for fashion and can be found in upmarket specialist shops throughout Europe. Excellent quality and an ideal fit are always top priority. Today, as in the past, the MICHÈLE team develops new collections with a great deal of passion and attention to detail.

As one of the first fashion brands, MICHÈLE launched a shaping pants, the so-called *Magic*, thus once again proving its great pants expertise. In 2012, the product portfolio was expanded to include a skirt collection.



"In times of globalisation and acceleration, values such as tradition and quality take on a completely different, essential meaning. At MICHÈLE, good quality and a good fit always come first. Our trousers were developed with love and passion and have been perfected over the decades. We love to give the MICHÈLE collection a new and innovative spirit every season, without deviating from our basic values. This is the only way to create a great product, by women for women."
Nicole Sittel, Design




Michèle Fashion GmbH was successfully managed by the original owner family over four generations. Since 2018, the MICHÈLE brand has been part of the traditional company Atelier Gardeur, which is also based in Mönchengladbach. Here, a team of long-standing MICHÈLE employees and new colleagues ensure that customers worldwide continue to find their perfectly fitting MICHÈLE trousers.




In order to continually guarantee the high quality standards of MICHÈLE trousers, they are manufactured in the company's own production facilities in Tunisia. This ensures that the production chain is 100% in our own hands, so that we can react quickly to changes in the market.

All materials are carefully tested for harmful substances and must be declared harmless to health before they can be further processed. Production is subject to strict ecological standards.

The promotion of high social standards, education, tolerance and equal rights for women and men is also a matter close to our hearts. Of course, this also includes paying workers transparent and fair wages.

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